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Motor Insurance FAQ

Q. What are Insurance Brokerage houses?

Q. Is it possible to take a cover only for my family members as I am already covered with my employer?

Q. What do I have to carry when I go in for Cashless Hospitalization?

Q. What happens to our Floater cover limit after a claim?

Q. Can I get hospitalized in any other town

Q. What will happen if I am hospitalized and my policy lapses?

Q. After the age of 60, can I renew the same policy? if yes for how long?

Q. Are there any bonuses available in the event of no claims?

Q. Are there any waiting periods when my expenses will not be settled, in case of a contingency?

Q. What is a PreExisting disease?

Q. Are any PreExisting diseases covered?

Q. Are maternity expenses covered?

Q. Is homeopathy/ayurvedic/yunani treatment covered?

Q. In case my family member or me undergo treatment at our home under nursing care, is it covered?

Q. What if the hospitalization is for less than 24 hours (e.g., For kidney stone removal)?

Q. Are accidental injuries covered?

Q. Is a medical checkup compulsory for enrolling?

Q. Who will bear the cost of the medical check-up?

Q. How do I get income tax benefit?

Q. I am already covered by my employer. Why do I need to take this policy?

Q. Who can be covered under the policy?